House plants We have one of the largest selection of house plants in the area. Lush green plants such as palms, yukka, ferns and ivy. Beautiful flowering plants always available orchids, saintpaulia, anthurium, with seasonal favourites such as poinsettia, cyclamen, azalea, begonia, and streptocarpus. We also have a wonderful range of our own home grown cacti and also a selection of air plants. You will also find everything you need to care for your plants, including feeds, compost, and pest control, ceramic pot covers and our ready made basket arrangements make a perfect present for you to take with you or have delivered locally by our florist department.

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House plant of the month.

Begonia  "Elatior" Winter Flowering .

Although the common name of this plant suggests it flowers only in the winter, improvements in breeding mean that it is now available in flower all year round. It ranges in colour from white to pink, yellow-orange or red.The leaves are usually a glossy pale green,but plants with darker- coloured flowers also tend to have darker, more bronzy foliage.

Keep compost moist, but not wet - overwatering can cause rotting.Feed with liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks, keep out of direct sunlight which can cause scorching on the leaves.